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Our team seeks to develop innovative therapies that are capable of overcoming drug resistance in solid tumors.

Our strategy consists in shifting the phenotype of the tumor microenvironment away from tumor tolerance to support the standard of care and experimental therapeutics. In order to achieve that, we design innovative nanomedicines capable of modulating the interaction of both small molecules and biologics with the physiological environment, thus improving their safety and efficacy. We also develop dosage forms for the optimum delivery of these nanoformulations, as for example, orally inhaled drug-device combinations for the local delivery of therapeutics to the respiratory tract for the treatment of lung tumors. Along with our collaborators, our team employs convergent and cross-disciplinary in silico, in vitro and in vivo approaches to overcome major barriers to clinical translation of those nanoformulations and to develop therapies that can lead to shifts in clinical practice paradigms.

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